Drunk or Asleep???

I’m not even sure what it is about this video that makes it so hot, but I’ve already shot twice jacking to it! Maybe it’s the fact that the guy with the thick dick is just normal looking or maybe it’s that we’ve all been in this situation…either way, it’s really, really hot!

What do you think???

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince

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How To Be An Amateur Porn Star!


I never wanted to be a porn star. If you read my posts and Tweets you know it’s my dream to be at the top of the porn industry as a director or producer. And the most important part of being a successful porn producer and director is finding great talent…this is where you come in.

All of the time guys send me pics and ask me what I think of their photos. They often ask me to use them for my site and sometimes ask me to keep them to myself for my own use. They ask me what it takes to be a porn star. There are some sure fire ways of becoming an amateur porn star. For example…if your cock is as big and thick(God,I love the super thick ones)as a Monster can, chances are you’re on your way to becoming an amateur porn star. So what’s next???

If you wanna become an amateur porn star, send me some selfies and I’ll start a whole new category of Submission of the Day all for you guys! We’ll get you discovered quick and people can write in and post comments. If you’re interested, email me a picture, your first name, birth date and where you live. You can also add any other interesting information you think we might want to know!

My email address is thepornoprince@gmail.com

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Best Amateurs of the Week! Volume 1


I’m going to continue to post a Favorite Selfie of the Day…BUT I’m also going to begin posting a weekly list of the Best Selfies of the Week! Please feel free to submit and if I use your pics I’ll be more than happy to let you be anonymous or link it to your stuff! Here’s this week’s best of:

2345678101112131520OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2223242526279282930323331343536373839

Hope you enjoyed all my picks! I already have begun picking for next week and it looks like I might have twice as many.  As you may know, my running this blog is a little way for me to make some extra cash to pay for college, in addition to my job, so if you’d like to help me out and keep it up, that would be great.  Just go to my donation tab in the upper right of the page and donate what you can.  It’s all anonymous and even a $5er helps! Love ya guys!

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Hottest Latino Bottom Boy!

You know that I love a good Latino…especially since I am Latino! This has been one of my favorite videos for a long time.  It’s really just about how the bottom looks into the camera and smiles knowing he’s enjoying every thrust! What do you think?

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Cummmmtastic!!! Cumpilation Video!

I’ve been out all week sick with the flu but I’m back! I’ve saved so many videos and pictures that are so hot that I believe I’ll just upload all of them this weekend! So check back in tomorrow and Sunday and see all of the pics and videos I’m gonna post.  Trust me…you’ll be edging all day! Until then, enjoy this compilation video of guys eating loads! Incredibly hot!

Dicks Up! The Porno Prince!

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The Italian “Blow” Job!

I’m almost positive these guys aren’t Italian, especially since you can hear one of them moaning in the background in English.  But…I’ll just imagine it’s broken English and these guys are the amateur porn version of the movie The Italian Job! Imagine…two, hot, Italian guys robbing banks and sporting all over the world with millions of dollars in cash having crazy sex at the end of their “jobs”.  Gives illegal behavior a whole new meaning!

Check back tomorrow for more video clips! Or check out the past videos!

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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WARNING! CarJackings!


Happy Monday! There’s something so cheerful about this amazing cock poking through those khakis with the light blue hoodie and the rain hitting the window.  This literally could be me…just a hint.

Check back daily for my Selfie of the Day and my video of the Day.

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Cumming in My Own Mouth! Video of the Day!

This might very well be the hottest video I’ve seen all year long! Just this young guy jacking and shooting cum directly into his mouth.  I can almost taste how warm it is as it hits his tongue!

Did you like that??? What else would you like to see. Leave it for me in the comment section below or email me or contact me on my Tumblr! Love ya!

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Mystery Facial Supreme! Selfie of the Day!


I do not know this guy and I don’t know his name.  If by some random chance he sees this and wants it taken down…PLEASE contact me and we’ll discuss is ASAP! I was just strolling through the picks my buddy Bi Boy Matt had posted on Twitter when I saw this amazingly beautiful photo! Matt said he didn’t know where he found this pic so the mystery continues.  How hot is this guy with his cum soaked face??? I’d love for him to lay down underneath and take my load all over his face! (To check out Matt’s other pics and posts follow him on Twitter HERE!)

And if you know this guy or have other pics like this, please submit them to my email! All you have to do is add a first name, place you live and a birthday!

Check out all of my other Selfies of the Day in my Selfie section!

Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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Selfie of the Day! Bareback Fuck and Phone Pic!


As soon as I came across this picture I knew it was my pick for Selfie of the Day.  The idea of fucking some dude this good but also pulling our your phone and getting a great pick makes me almost cum in my shorts! If you have pics like this on your phone, please email them to me and I’ll post them pronto!

Check out my Selfie section to see all of the previous Selfies!


Dicks Up…The Porno Prince!

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